About us

About Unmanned Engineeria
Unmanned Engineeria is the first & Only School in India to provide training in Unmanned Systems taught by Unmanned Systems Engineers. Our programs include UAV Design, UAV operation, Auto Pilots Design & Development, UAV Pilot Training, Computational Fluid Dynamics, 3D Modelling & Composites covering in and out of Unmanned Systems.

 The curriculum at UE covers the operation, engineering, Design, Analysis, research, manufacturing, marketing, and management of small UAV’s and the systems that support them. Our courses and programs are up to date and industry recognized. And our first-rate training centres include classrooms, Design Labs, advanced unmanned systems lab facilities designed to give you the hands-on training to succeed as a professional.

Unmanned Engineeria’s programs represent the most comprehensive collection of Unmanned vehicles and system-focused being taught anywhere today.

Click Here for Home Site : UNMANNED ENGINEERIA

Contact Us

No.7, 3rd Floor,KRJ Building,
Welder Street,Mount Road,
Chennai-600 002,
PH : +91 9087212059
E-Mail : uengineeria@gmail.com


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