42 Technology and Briton EMS develops innovative World’s First “gust simulator” to test aircraft

World's First "Gust Machine" for Aircraft Research
World’s First “Gust Machine” for Aircraft Research

The New equipment developed by 42 Technology for a new aircrafts is a stepping stone.

The Joined Forces of Briton EMS (Electronics Manufacturer) and St lves (Product design and development Company) helped the Aircraft Research Association (ARA) develop and launch an innovative new research tool for aircraft to use in high- speed wind tunnel in Bedford.

42 Technology and Briton EMS – who have frequently worked together for industrial and consumer electronics clients – teamed up with ARA’s in-house engineering team to design, manufacture and install the control system for the new generator. 42 Technology designed the system to link the generator’s control desk with a network of 1800 valves, each of which needs to be opened and closed within 20 milliseconds to deliver the required gust profiles.
“Their engineers worked very well alongside our in-house team to develop and integrate the control system and to help us launch a world first for aerospace research,”

The first of its kind in the world capable of simulating gusts at transonic, or cruising, speeds that are typically experienced by aircraft.New Generator helps new research to improve the understanding of how turbulence affects on aircraft performance

It also helps manufactures to modify their aircraft designs or to develop systems to compensate for gusts, leading to smoother flights.The control system is housed in four two meter high electronics cabinets and was completed from initial design to installation in under two months.

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